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This is one of the most historic cities in the UK. Rich in diverse architectural styles and with a large number of tourists throughout the year, we are not surprised at all, as there are many activities related to culture and leisure that we have in Nottingham.
We are in the Midlands region famous for seeing the legend of Robin Hood grow from its streets and we can even find its castle. As you are reading it, a castle in which the interior is used as a museum and we will find works of art from all kinds of origins. You can't miss Wollaton Hall either, as it is a gigantic Elizabethan mansion full of green areas with animals inside, such as deer!
Take a look inside and discover thousands of curiosities that you probably didn't know about what for us is our favourite city. And we're sure it will soon be for you too. Discover Offers Soccer trainer jobs Nottingham and much more - start falling in love with Nottingham with us!